Prisoners beheaded and burned to death in jail violence

At least 25 inmates have reportedly been killed in a bloody Brazilian prison riot involving rival gangs on Sunday.Violent fighting occurred at the overcrowded Agricola de Monte Cristo prison in Boa Vista, capital of the northern state of Roraima, on Sunday.Rioting broke out at a northern facility known as the Agricultural Penitentiary of Monte Cristo, Roraima, when prisoners from one wing of the prison attacked rival inmates, according to news outlet Globo.Around 100 visitors to the prison were held hostage before those involved demanded that a judge come to hear their demands, state Secretary of Justice Uziel Castro said. Instead Special Operations Police stormed the prison, released the hostages and regained control of the site by sundown.Authorities said that the road to the prison was closed and teams from the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) were dispatched to the prison to treat those injured.The grisly nature of the incident emerged as police entered the overcrowded prison, with seven people confirmed to have been beheaded while six had been burned alive.Riots are not uncommon and when they do occur it is not unusual for prisoners to meet a gruesome end. Castro says at least three of the bodies were beheaded and efforts to identify them have been slow. “We suspect a clash between rival factions”, a police official in the state capital, Porto Velho, told AFP.Brazilian sociologist Camila Nunes Dias said the PCC, based in Sao Paulo, and the CV, based in Rio, had split the drugs and arms trade for two decades.Reports say there are 1,400 inmates now in the prison, which has a capacity of up to 740.Joana Moura, head of the union of Roraima penal workers, told the Folha de Boa Vista newspaper: “There is no security equipment, there are not enough personnel for the tasks, and the agents are working beyond their limits”.Human Rights groups have long complained about the deplorable conditions in Brazilian prisons.

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