Born boy brings Gaza Strip population to 2 million

The closure, in place Tuesday and Wednesday, applies only to Palestinians and not the roughly 400,000 Israeli settlers who live in the West Bank.”We believe the deliberate killing of or attempt to kill innocents is terrorism, whether it is committed by Muslims, Jews or others”, the clergy said in a joint statement.The attacker killed two Israelis before Israeli forces killed him. She said, “Palestinian leaders should condemn and combat incitement in all of its forms”, but did not acknowledge that those leaders engaged in incitement. At least 533 children have been killed in Gaza alone since the conflict between Isreal and Palestine intensified two years ago. At another point, she urged Israel to specifically provide the Palestinians with “access to water, protection of their agricultural lands, more investment”, while asking the Palestinians to “provide better security for Israelis”, without specifying what exactly she expected of them.Israel has blamed the violence on incitement by Palestinian political and religious leaders, compounded on social media sites. The Palestinians say it is rooted in some 50 years of military occupation and fading hopes for independence. Also Tuesday, the military said it’s sealed the crossings in and out of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as a security precaution for the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. COGAT said it banned used auto parts for four-by-four vehicles from entering the Palestinian territory after several attempts to send them to Gaza for the ruling Islamic militant group Hamas.Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005, but has maintained a blockade on the territory run by Hamas for a decade, while Egypt has also closed its border in recent years. However, Elliot Abrams, the Bush aide who negotiated the language of the letter, responded in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that the letter did constitute an agreement with Israel, which the U.S. had brokered in exchange for Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza.

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