Justin Bieber suits up for T-Mobile Super Bowl ad

Deemed a “celebration expert”, Justin takes fans through the history of celebrations while sporting a casual pair of black frames and matching tux.
Justin Bieber is starring in a Super Bowl commercial this year, and he shows off his dance moves in the spot!

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The ad features cameos by touchdown celebration pros, from New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski as the primitive caveman with the simplistic ball spike, to National Football League six-time Pro Bowler Terrell Owens with his signature shimmy and shake. First there was the “spike” then the “shimmy, ‘ followed by the ‘shake” and the popular ‘shimmy shimmy shake.’ But when Terrell Owens (aka T.O.) entered the game, he put his own spin on the possibilities. By the end, even Bieber’s dancing.”The hit maker’s focus on touchdown-worthy dance steps is all in honor of T-Mobile ONE, the company’s unlimited plan that, evidently, inspires “#unlimitedmoves”. T-Mobile is calling on viewers to submit their best touchdown dances on social media and Justin Bieber will select his favorites.

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