ISIS Blamed for Attack in Jerusalem Killing 4 and Injuring 15 Others

The driver who plowed a truck into a group of soldiers in Jerusalem, killing four people and injuring at least 10, may have been an ISIS sympathizer, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Three of the victims were women and all were in their 20s, a police official said. One report suggested 15 were injured.Israel’s law enforcers said that the truck driver, a resident of East Jerusalem, was shot dead.An image posted on social media showed a white lorry with several bullet holes through its windscreen.The deadliest Palestinian attack in Jerusalem in months was all caught on security camera footage, which shows how the driver quickly went into reverse after ramming into the group of soldiers in what appears to be an attempt to strike more people.The mayhem occurred when the truck appeared to veer off course and barreled into the soldiers, who had just gotten off a bus, police spokeswoman Luba Samri said. After smashing through the crowd at a high speed, the vehicle quickly backs up, apparently to run over more people. “That was really clear”.

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According to the Times of Israel, the soldiers were in Jerusalem as part of a military initiative to bring troops on tours to see sites of historical and national importance. “Teams arrived on the scene, provided medical treatment and evacuated the injured to hospital”.Before this latest incident, 35 Israelis had been killed in a wave of knife, gun and car-ramming attacks by Palestinians or Israeli Arabs since October 2015.These type of attacks have killed at least 37 Israelis and two visiting Americans over the past 15 months.Dichter, who chairs the Knesset’s powerful Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, connected the attack to global pressure on Israel. “Those who incite and fan the flames and those who support terror must pay a heavy price”.Dichter vowed that the attack will not prevent the expansion of Israeli Jerusalem.The Palestinian Hamas movement, an Islamic militant group that rules Gaza and has killed hundreds of Israelis in attacks over the years, praised the assault but stopped short of taking responsibility.

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