Kim Kardashian robbery costume pulled from site after backlash

Costumeish was selling the “Robbery Victim” kit that was clearly created to replicate Kim Kardashian’s armed robbery scare in Paris in which she was gagged, bound and held at gunpoint. It also comes with a ring, a fake modelled on her 20-carat Lorraine Schwartz ring, worth Dollars 4.5 million, which Kim was robbed off, during the heist.This year ideas abound for those seeking a creative and unique costume for Halloween.The reality is that despite who she is to you (the public) – Kim K, notorious nudie socialite turned entrepreneur – at home, she’s someone’s mother, daughter, sister, and wife.According to what Johnathon Weeks told TMZ, six people purchased the Kim Kardashian robbery Halloween costume while it was live on the site today.But they apparently had second thoughts and announced they were pulling the costume on Twitter, citing the “extensive out-lash” (sic) and apologizing if it “offended anyone”.Meanwhile, fans who were not pleased with the idea took their opinion to social media.But Costumeish later tweeted they had chose to remove the “Parisian Heist” costume from their website saying “sorry if we offended anyone”.A Halloween costume depicting the robbery of Kim Kardashian West has been pulled from an online retailer following criticism on social media, reports USA Today.”We are sorry if it offended anyone”, the tweet read.He says he doesn’t ‘want to make light of a serious situation, ‘ adding we’re not mocking her.In the end, the jewelry robbers made away with more than $10 million in jewels – including a $4.5 million ring from her husband Kanye – but left Kim Kardashian physically unharmed.This isn’t the first time the company has faced backlash for one of its costumes. “I’m just here to keep things questionable”, he said.As word of the Kardashian costume spread, supporters said that creative mockery was exactly the point.But by mid-afternoon Tuesday, the costume was gone from Costumish’s website.

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