Hungary’s PM says Brussels can not ignore “migrant quotas” vote

Hungary overwhelmingly rejects EU migrant quota planThe polls have closed in Hungary and an overwhelming majority of Hungarians who voted in Sunday’s referendum have rejected European Union migrant quotas.But a low turnout means the result may not be valid.CCTV’s Kate Parkinson reports from Budapest.But the vote which took place on Sunday will be ruled invalid since there were not enough people at the polls to make it official. Turnout had reached only about 40 percent by 5:30 p.m. (1530 GMT), the National Election Office said. Projections by the Political Capital research and consultancy institute suggest that final turnout between 43.9 and 45.9%, lower than the 50% that would validate the result. While the referendum has no binding legal consequences for the EU, Orban had hoped its passage would increase pressure on Brussels.The victory could set in motion the Orban government’s plans to create laws that may be even more stringent toward asylum seekers who enter the country and possibly those who are residing there today.As almost 8.3 million citizens were eligible to cast ballots, turnout had reached 39.9% by 5:30 the National Election Office said. António Guterres aclamado novo SG da ONU
O antigo PM de Portugal e ex-alto-comissário das NU para os Refugiados será, a partir de 01 de Janeiro de 2017, o 9.º SG da ONU , com um mandato de cinco anos, sucedendo Ban Ki-moon. He called the result “outstanding” and said the European Union “cannot force” his country to accept refugees and migrants.After casting his ballot, Orban said a no vote would give him the authority to address the migrant issue with the EU.Under the scheme, Hungary would receive less than 1,300 people, but it has not accepted a single person allocated so far.Other countries on the so-called Balkan migrant trail followed suit, leaving some 60,000 migrants stranded in Greece.Several opposition and civic groups have called on citizens to stay home and boycott the vote. China’s exports, imports fall in September on weak demand
Dominion Resources added $1.15, or 1.6 percent, to $73.31 and Duke Energy picked up $1.29, or 1.7 percent, to $77.94. King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the world’s longest-serving monarch, died, heralding a potential new bout of instability. “We do not support the migrants coming to Europe”, Saleh said. Those ballots will arrive in Hungary later in the week to be counted.Hungarian police clashed with refugees and economic migrants on the borders before the Government made a decision to build a 175km razor wire fence to stem the flow.However, the country, after having experienced a refugee influx in the past year, established fences on its borders with Serbia and Croatia – actions that prompted worldwide condemnation.The deal in question, spearheaded by Germany and approved by most European Union countries previous year, is aimed at easing pressure on Greece and Italy, the main refugee entry points into the bloc for hundreds of thousands of refugees mostly fleeing war in Syria. There, refugees with a “high chance” getting asylum would wait for a decision on their applications and, in case of success, receive permission to settle in the country to which there were relocated. Upcoming Steam Update To Include Native Support For PlayStation 4 Controller
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