Statistical Tools and Calculators

wOBA Calculator

Click the below link to download The Hardball Times wOBA Calculator. Created by JT Jordan, the wOBA Calculator is a great timesaver for beginners and experienced statheads alike.

Weighted On-Base Average (wOBA) Calculator
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Click here for Tom Tango’s definition of weighted on-base percentage.


WAR Spreadsheet Calculator

Click the below link to download Beyond the Box Score’s WAR spreadsheet calculator (version 1.0). For more information on the spreadsheet and it’s authors click here.

WAR Spreadsheet Calculator (Beyond the Box Score Version 1.0)
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Developed by Beyond the Box Score’s Sky Kalkman, this version of the calculator is flexible, allowing users to use either wOBA or OBP and SLG. For a complete rundown on how to calculate wins above replacement, click here.

Click here to view a chart comparing all of the versions of WAR and WARP.