MLB Home Plate Umpire Data (2000-2012) Excel File

Finally! A reliable source that offers MLB home plate umpire performance data! Now, when you’re watching a ballgame, seething in frustation over Tim Tschida’s postage-stamp-sized, floating strikezone, you can refer to’s MLB Homeplate Umpire Data (2000-2011) Spreadsheet File  and remind your friends that Tschida is the game’s worst umpire! Download to your heart’s content, and remember, Ryan S. Kelley and are awesome!

Click the below link to download an Excel Workbook containing Major League Baseball Home Plate Umpire Data for the last twelve seasons (2000-2012).

MLB Home Plate Umpire Data (2000-2012) Google Docs Spreadsheet 

MLB Homeplate Umpire Data (2000-2011) Spreadsheet File (111.0 KiB)

(Locked Mac OS Spreadsheet)

File Description:

The dataset contains variables for K/BB, ERA, Hits + BB per Inning, Home Team Winning Percentage and more. The last four columns of the 2011 Worksheet are “RANK” variables– as in performance ranking. The last column assigns each umpire an overall score based on their observed performance. Umpire’s with scores closer to 1 are better while those closer to 0 are worse.

The Spreadsheet was constructed by All calculations performed in this Excel file were added by Ryan S. Kelley of The source of the raw data included in this file was’s logs.

Note: The Downloadable File’s Autofilter Does Not Function. This is an Excel 2008 for Mac Bug. To work with an autofilter please use the Google Docs file or email for an editable file.

This file and the data contained in this workbook is protected by Copyright.

Thank you to for the raw data tables.

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