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Founded by Ryan S. Kelley, BaseballNewsHound.com is an online magazine primarily focusing on American professional baseball. BaseballNewsHound.com offers comprehensive news and analysis on the baseball world, and the most in-depth and objective scouting reports available on the web.

When he first published the website, Ryan came up with the magazine’s unique title, Baseball NewsHound. Though odd, Ryan felt this title was an appropriate match for his work, as the name represents his enthusiasm for two things he loves dearly– baseball and news.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word newshound as an aggressive journalist. 


Editors and Contributors

Our writers are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date information from the baseball world. Ryan Kelley and Laura Ryan are BaseballNewsHound.com’s primary contributors, but our magazine also features others’ work from time to time.



Ryan S. Kelley

Ryan has a B.A. in economics from The George Washington University. For Ryan, learning economics meant building a tool set to understand the world. He incorporated his degree and his passion for sports and writing in his senior thesis and post-graduate research. He’s also used the skills he learned in the economics classroom to further his scouting. After interning for the NCAA, he took a job with the USOC during the Pan American Games in Rio, and used his experience to further his interest in the player development and the business side of sports.

Ryan regularly contributes to other publications. Currently he writes for DistrictSportsPage.com, mainly on the Washington Nationals’ minor-league system, as well as Bleacher Report. While at GWU, Ryan wrote and reported for the student-run print newspaper, The Hatchet, and also for his own (first blog)The Baseball Chronicle. Even before that, Ryan wrote for his high school newspaper, The Log.

Ryan started composing his first scouting reports for Team USA’s selection committee, but has also worked as an associate scout for former Mid-Atlantic Scout Association members like Bob Myrick. Along the way, he has learned to use both objective and subject methods in his analysis, and tries to apply what he has learned in the classroom as well. While his career commitments keep him from focusing on scouting full-time these days, he still has a passion for the field and appraises numerous amateur and professional athletes annually.

Always involved with an array of extra-curricular activities, Ryan earned varsity letters in baseball and football, and has been involved in volunteering and public service for nearly a decade and a half. Adventurous and interested in traveling and trying new things, his career experience is eclectic, and he has worked in many different areas– from pro bono legal services, to government, to sports media. Now, he is pursuing post-graduate education in web development.

Ryan brings a background in economics, baseball scouting and editorial journalism with him to BaseballNewsHound.com. Receiving award-winning recognition for his thesis on the MLB’s labor market, he employs his analytical skills in his baseball writing, and works hard to offer the most in-depth and objective scouting reports available on the web.



Laura Ryan

An editor and researcher at BaseballNewsHound.com, Laura Ryan is a recent college graduate with a background in both economics and the natural sciences. Laura’s work for a prominent, District of Columbia-based 527 Group, and in the insurance sector give her valuable experience in management and fundraising. While much of her work at BNH is in the back-office– managing the website, scheduling scouting events and assisting with editing duties– she also reports and writes articles as well. She loves baseball, and is an avid creative writer. She’s also a much more grounded and sane individual than Mr. Kelley, and makes sure to comb his work (and day-to-day life) for careless mistakes.



Matthew Gray

Matthew Gray is a new contributor, starting in May, 2013. He’ll focus on fantasy baseball and MLB News while writing for BNH. He also writes for  Camelotsportsmedia.com, SportsNetworker.com and SeattleSportsCentral.com.

Matthew is a Louisville native currently residing in Chicago Illinois. Matthew owns a strong managerial and professional background which includes over 25 years of experience as a Regional marketing director, author, scout and athlete. Active in professional youth athletic organizations, Matthew served as a local Louisville baseball scout prior to arriving in Chicago. Matthew and his wife, Jeaninne, have two daughters, Shelby, and Michelle.


What We’re About Here


We love baseball, and we love writing about the game.

We’re committed to using thoughtful analysis in our work, and we will never publishing the half-assed, manufactured garbage you’ll find at so many other blogs and publications. We actually try to back our statements and arguments with objective methods, rather than just spitting out a mess of numbers and opinions. And in scouting, a field that is stubbornly based on expertise and personal experience, we do our best to provide the best combination of both subjective and objective analysis.

We’re straight-shooters and we’re positive. We don’t publish work just to tear down a player or a business, and while we always provide both sides to a story, we’re not here to jealously defame others. Instead, we’re here to discuss and learn about a great game.

Our work is original. We create our own scouting reports, by collecting camera footage in-person and logging large amounts of primary data. 

Our licensing information is available in the footer, at the bottom of the page (scroll all the way down).


Scouting Players In Person

Our scouting reports/information on a player will never be published before Ryan and/or a member of our staff has collected a sufficient amount of information and data in person. Furthermore, prior to publishing, all of our reports are extensively reviewed and fact-checked.

Our staff scouts players first-hand. We provide video footage in almost all of our reports. 

How much data do we collect on a player before publishing a scouting report? There’s no set mark, but we commit ourselves to getting at least one full practice and one full game’s worth of information on a player before publishing a report. Fort he most part however, our scouting reports are based off of at least five or six in-person scouting sessions. 

Many “amateur scouts” and scouting agencies take scouting information, statistical data and analysis from professional sources like Baseball America andPerfect Game USA, and then represent it as their own work. We don’t play that game. We offer only original footage and analysis.

In terms of game log data, we use play by play files from Fangraphs. We import the files in to Excel, and then apply necessary formulas for applicable statistics. 

No scouting report posted on our website is anything but our best work. 


More About BaseballNewsHound.com

If you have any questions, comments or issues regarding BaseballNewsHound.com, please contact Ryan Kelley (RSKelley@baseballnewshound.com) or visit our “Contact Us” page for further contact information.