Clinton says she takes ‘no satisfaction’ in Trump’s actions

If the Republican nominee can not expand his coalition enough to win, might he be able to leave enough voters so disgusted with both himself and Democrat Hillary Clinton that they opt for third-party candidates or simply don’t vote?In the hard-fought Democratic primary, Sanders repeatedly called on Clinton to release the transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street, some of which earned her hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece.”Why doesn’t some woman maybe come up and say what they say falsely about me, they could say about him?”At least three women – Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey – accused Clinton of unwanted sexual advances.Trump alleges American media and corporate powers are in cahoots with the Clintons and against him.There are a couple of reasons. “They’re now the world’s greatest democracy”, he said. That was little changed from Tuesday when the Reuters/Ipsos poll showed Trump trailing by eight points. “Then you should vote for Hillary Clinton“.Mrs. Obama’s scathing remarks about Trump’s treatment of women rocketed around social media and instantly won the sort of buzz Clinton herself rarely seeks. “I feel confident about my candidate”, Obama said.Still, groups supported Clinton politically.While decrying Trump’s offensive language, his supporters dismiss the seriousness of his comments.”Believe me, she would not be my first choice, that I can tell you”, Trump said.If the media found an interview with him cheerleading wide open borders, gutting gun rights, or creating a single-payer health care system, I’d have a problem.In other words, saying awful, sexist things becomes understandable when it comes from the mouths of “alpha” males.Cleveland: US President Barack Obama warned Friday that American “democracy itself” is on the ballot in November’s presidential election, as White House concern grows about the lasting impact of Republican Donald Trump’s scorched-earth campaign.He hit out at Trump as a dictator-in-the-making.”If 5% of the people think it’s true – and maybe 10% – we don’t win”, Trump said.Such masculine tough talk is likely to appeal to the two-thirds of Trump supporters who agree that society has become “too soft and feminine”.It was not immediately clear which of the women Trump was denigrating at the rally Friday in Greensboro, North Carolina.WASHINGTON (CNN) – Donald Trump said Friday he “wasn’t impressed” when Hillary Clinton walked by him at the presidential debate on Sunday. He’s put up $56 million of his own money for the campaign so far, but not almost enough to close the gap. Recent experimental research by political scientists Erin Cassese and Mirya Holman finds such attacks on stamina and toughness can be particularly effective against female candidates, especially female Democrats. But President Barack Obama on Friday became the latest in a wave of Democrats targeted by bounty-seeking agitators as the 2016 USA election enters the final stretch.Trump was already unpopular in Florida, PPP pollsters say, but the negative fallout from Trump’s lewd sexual comments from the release of the 2005 “Access Hollywood” tape is killing him.”But she walks in front of me and she takes a question and she walks back”, Trump continued.Clinton told the innovators summit she’d had to go on “The Clinton Apology Tour” after WikiLeaks in 2010 published diplomatic cables leaked by Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley Manning. His campaign is promising more scorched earth attacks. Unfortunately for them, the emotional appeal of an imagined past doesn’t necessarily make for good policy, or a winning strategy.

Melania Trump Demands ‘People’ Retract Natasha Stoynoff Story

“Stoynoff claimed that she ran into Mrs. Trump carrying her newborn baby into Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, leading to an exchange in which the latter asked: “‘Natasha, why don’t we see you anymore?”Another woman told Palm Beach Post that Trump groped her at his Florida estate Mar-a-Lago 13 years ago. “Because it did not happen!” Stoynoff alleged that the attack happened while she was visiting the Florida property to do a story on the couple’s first wedding anniversary.ABC News has not been able to reach Stoynoff for comment.The Times reported that two women told the paper of unwanted sexual advances.But lawyers for Mrs. Trump wrote that the article’s description of an encounter between Melania Trump and Stoynoff after the interview is “false and completely fictionalized” and demanded that she retract her story within 24 hours or face unspecified legal action.In a statement released Wednesday night following the report’s publication, Trump campaign senior communication advisor Jason Miller, said, “This entire article is fiction, and for the New York Times to launch a completely false, coordinated character assassination against Mr. Trump on a topic like this is unsafe”.”It was disorienting for her”, said J.D. Heyman, People’s deputy editor, in an interview Thursday.”We are grateful to Natasha Stoynoff for telling her story. This is a sad day for the Times”.Donald isn’t the only Trump these days pressing the press for an apology. Crooks also has contributed less than $200 to Clinton and President Obama, according to the Times. “And she whips the shawl behind her neck and storms off into the bathroom”, McGillivray said of Melania Trump, who she alleges witnessed the episode. She says the pair never had met before. They encouraged her to write about what happened, he said, but left the decision up to her.He allegedly told her: “You know we’re going to have an affair, don’t you?” but backed off when Mrs Trump reentered the room.Trump is incapable of separating a woman’s value from her physical appearance.”He was like an octopus”, Leeds said. “It was an assault”.”Believe me, the last space that I want to invade is her space”.In the audio tape that was released, Trump spoke about grabbing women in their genitals and getting away with it because he was famous. She tried to force Trump off of her, but he overpowered her.But Trump wouldn’t let go, she claims.”She didn’t know what to do, she was very conflicted, she was angry, she was really confused about how to deal with this”, McLaughlin told CBC News.Yeah, I thought. I’m great because I kept my mouth shut. “‘Best Sex I Ever Had.'” Ewww!The billionaire denounced the newspaper as a “weapon” of Hillary Clinton over its “lies” tonight after it published testimony by two women who said he touched them inappropriately.The GOP nominee said he was willing to take vicious “slings and arrows” for his loyal supporters and said the new claims against him were “preposterous, ludicrous and defy logic” and said that the stories about him had already been discredited. “I don’t think so”, Trump said at his rally. Trump called for college affordability and said he would simplify student loan programs to make it easier for students to pay back college debt.

Russia Today says its United Kingdom bank accounts have been blocked

RT editor in chief Margarita Simonyan says Britain has “closed” the bank accounts of the Russian state broadcaster.It was unclear whether the British government was behind the move, but the foreign office was aware of the news when contacted by the Guardian and referred inquiries to the Treasury. “All our accounts. ‘The decision is not subject to review.’ Praise be to freedom of speech!” We have an absolutely transparent operation [in the U.K.], absolutely transparent funding.If the decision is upheld, it is likely to make it harder for RT to operate in Britain and will also stoke tensions between London and Moscow, which are already under pressure over Syria.A British bank has withdrawn banking services from Russia’s state-owned news channel RT, drawing condemnation from Moscow.RT’s website said the decision by NatWest, a bank connected to the Royal Bank of Scotland group, was taken without an explanation.Debate surrounding RT and its practices is nothing new but most can agree that censorship at any level is something that must be feared by every branch of the media, with many Twitter users calling the surprising development in Britain and Russian Federation relations a “violation of press freedom”.”The bank accounts remain open and are still operative, ” a bank spokesman said in a statement. However the Guardian said it was “unclear” if the United Kingdom government had sanctioned the decision.RT, formerly known as Russia Today, has the slogan “Question more” and was set up to present news from the perspective of the Kremlin, and has been criticised as a slavish propaganda tool for President Vladimir Putin.Western critics dismiss RT, whose British arm produces UK-specific content, as a Kremlin mouthpiece created to sow disinformation.Simonyan on Saturday said that RT journalists working overseas were under “monstrous pressure”.RT has previously been sanctioned by regulatory body Ofcom for biased reporting, including claims that the BBC staged a chemical weapons attack for a news report on Syria. The bank added that the decision was final and no discussions would be entered into, but failed to give a reason why.

After glitch, Orbital ATK will launch Antares rocket Monday night

According to a statement from NASA, the launch was postponed from Sunday evening to this evening due to a ground support equipment cable failing to perform as expected during a pre-launch check out. The spacecraft is an Orbital ATK spacecraft, being sent up on a re-supply mission to the International Space Station.The last time an Antares rocket launch was attempted from Wallops Island was October 28, 2014.The two-state Antares rocket developed by Orbital ATK and carrying a Cygnus cargo ship to the International Space Station is scheduled to launch at 8:03 p.m. Sunday evening, weather conditions permitting. Sure, delivering supplies to the ISS probably doesn’t mean much to you, but witnessing a badass rocket launch could be pretty cool, right? The booster, created to put up to about 17,000 pounds (8,000 kg) into orbit close to Earth, flew four times successfully before the 2014 failure.But seven hours before the planned liftoff, NASA announced the flight was off until 7:40 p.m. Monday. “We have spares on hand and rework procedures are in process”.We’ll be able to see the Antares rocket in ascent with the second stage booster rocket firing at the point where the blue line meets the green line.NASA has also signed contracts with SpaceX and Boeing to begin launching astronauts to space in the next two years.If the weather is clear, the brilliant rocket burn of the Antares will be visible from far and wide as the rocket climbs towards space, potentially even as far away as southern Ontario, southern Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. First sighting times are expressed as a number of seconds after launch.Be part of the adventure! Include where you’re watching from, the time you spotted it, and how high in the sky you saw it climb.

US high school graduation rates at new high across all ethnicities

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, known as the “Nation’s Report Card,” high school students have not shown academic progress in recent years: In 2015, high school seniors posted lower scores in reading than they did in 1992, and their math scores were unchanged across the past decade.Audio clip: Listen to audio clip. Experts say that a more uniform education system across states, thanks in part to more cohesive federal standards like Common Core and the creation of a consistent system for reporting graduation rates, has played a role in boosting numbers nationwide.”Right here in DC, in just five years, the graduation – the graduation rate in the District of Columbia public schools went from just 53 per cent to 69 per cent”, Obama said. Graduation requirements still vary from state to state, and not all students who receive diplomas are ready to enter the workforce or keep up with the demands at a four-year college.”Too many young people are still being left behind”, said an array of education groups leading the GradNation campaign. “To be honest with you, we’ve still got more work to do”. In 2008, the Bush administration ordered states to begin using a formula that is considered a more accurate count of how many actually finish school. Asian/Pacific Islander students had the highest graduation rates, at 90.2 percent, followed by white students, at 87.6 percent.The administration reported significant differences in graduation rates among groups.Minority groups still lagged behind their white peers, but saw bigger gains over the past year: the graduation rate for black students rose to 74.6% (a 2.1 point increase); for Hispanic students to 77.8% (1.5 points), Native Americans to 76.1% (1 point), and low-income students to 76.1% (1.5 points).The White House said money invested through a grant program called Race to the Top has helped improve some of the nation’s lowest-performing schools.Obama spoke about the importance of furthering education past high school and stressed to the students in the audience to fill out FAFSA forms, but also said more needs to be done by federal and state governments to improve education and funding for higher education.Graduates celebrate at commencement ceremonies for Renaissance Academy High School in Baltimore in 2016.MA took another leap forward, graduating 87.3 percent of students in 2014-15, an increase from 86.1 percent in 2013-14 and 83 percent in 2011-12.

6 missing, residents warned to shelter after deadly harbor blast

BASF said earlier that several people had been injured and some were missing after an explosion in the north harbor area of the site.German petrochemical company BASF has shut down its steam crackers at its huge Ludwigshafen site in Germany after an explosion at the port, a company source said Monday.Six people were unaccounted for after a fire in a supply line led to a series of explosions at the plant’s Landhafen Nord port.The fire was still burning on Monday evening but was under control, a spokesman for the local fire department said. City officials said the blaze could lead to odours and heavy haze and urged residents to stay indoors.Emergency services are at the scene.Company spokeswoman Ursula von Stetten confirmed the base is used to unload flammable liquids and liquid gas.Ludwigshafen is located around 80 kilometres (50 miles) southwest of Frankfurt.Explosions have been reported at two chemical plants in Germany owned by BASF. “Like any big chemical company they know these things can happen and they’re ready for it”.”The exact cause is under investigation”. More than 2.6 million tons of goods are handled there each year, and an average seven ships a day moor at its docks, according to BASF’s website. This will result in flaring, BASF said in a statement.The global company now employs 122,000 people worldwide, with more than 52,800 in Germany alone.

Trump attacked at debate ‘when he should have been apologizing,’ Clinton says

However this is going to prove hard for Donald Trump after the leak of his comments about famous men grabbing women “by the pussy”.In the new survey, Mrs. Clinton jumped to an 11-point lead over Mr. Trump among likely voters on a ballot including third-party candidates, up from 6 percentage points in September.The weekend survey found signs of women moving away from Mr. Trump.Libertarian Gary Johnson’s support stands at nine percent, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein garners two percent.A leaked tape that revealed Donald Trump had boasted about using his celebrity status to grope women dealt a substantial blow to his standing among voters, a new poll shows. In a head-to-head contest, Clinton would receive 52% of likely voters’ support, while Trump would earn 38% of their votes.When asked who they would prefer to have power on Capitol Hill, 49 percent of voters prefer Democrats over Republicans, with only 42 percent preferring the GOP.That’s up from a three-point advantage for Democrats (48 percent to 45 percent) last month, and it’s the largest advantage for Democrats since the October 2009 government shutdown.While 31 percent of voters say Trump’s comments about women were “Inappropriate, but typical of how some men talk in private with other men”, a larger share – 41 percent – say the remarks were “completely unacceptable”.He told Andrew Dickens Trump can actually be quite hard to fact-check because he is often incoherent, saying one thing, and then saying the complete opposite.Fifty-two percent of those surveyed said the tape talk should be an issue in the 2016 presidential race, while 42 percent said it should not. Just 29 view The Donald favorably, while 63 percent hold negative opinions of the Republican nominee – with 53 percent in the category of very negative.In an NBC/Journal poll released September 16, Clinton held a lead of only 5 percent.

A Look at the Women Making Allegations Against Trump

Shortly after that meeting, he was in Los Angeles and invited her for dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel. “Mr. Trump said that he was golfing and could not discuss this at that time”.Late Friday, the Trump campaign released a statement purporting to be from statement in which a cousin of Zervos said he was “shocked and bewildered” by her account. Ann Russo, a social worker and friend of Zervos, said she recalls the contestant talking about her encounters with Trump more than five years ago – long before the candidate made a decision to run for office. “It’s a sexual assault issue, and it’s something that I’ve kept quiet on my own”, Anderson said to the paper. He added that Zervos had emailed Trump’s office this past April 14 to ask if he could visit her restaurant in California. Crooks told the Times she was meeting Trump for the first time when he took her hand to shake it and would not let go. “I pushed his chest to put space between us and I said “come on man, get real.’ He repeated my words back to me, ‘get real”, as he began thrusting his genitals”. Zervos said that she was “very excited” about the prospect of working for him.As Zervos said before, she is not pursuing a lawsuit against Trump or seeking any kind of money, Allred said. The two shared a sandwich and then she left the hotel. Five women have told publications detailed stories about encounters with Mr Trump that ended with groping, kissing and other unwanted sexual advances. Trump eventually refused to give the former “Apprentice” star a job, citing thousands of layoffs at the Trump Organization.Allred was also flanked by Zervos’ friend, social worker Ann Russo, who is among three people who have said Zervos confided in them about Trump’s alleged misconduct.”He did touch my vagina through my underwear”, Kristin Anderson told The Washington Post. “Come on man, get real”, she says she told him, a couple of times; Trump, she added, then repeated those same words back to her as he “thrust his genitals” against her.Returning to the groping allegations, he questioned why women aren’t saying similar things about President Obama, who campaigned against Trump on Friday in Ohio.For some of the women, they felt compelled to speak out against Trump after hearing him tell Cooper that he had not groped women without their consent.Zervos is the latest in a string of women to accuse reality TV personality-turned-politician Trump of sexual misconduct.”Why wasn’t it part of the story that appeared 20, or 12, years ago?”.The former contestant was emotional as she recounted how she had reached out to Trump, 70, about a job at his company in 2007 following her appearance on the hit NBC series in 2006, only to be bombarded with unwanted advances.”Right now I am being viciously attacked with lies and smears”, Trump said at an outdoor amphitheater. People all over the place.’He was so distinctive looking – with the hair and the eyebrows. “And when she walked in front of me, believe me, I wasn’t impressed”. He shut the door “and within seconds, he was pushing me against the wall, and forcing his tongue down my throat”.Trump’s predatory sexual behavior has been on blast since last Friday, when a video tape surfaced featuring Trump boasting about sexual assault.

Turkish-Backed Syrian Opposition Captures Dabiq From IS

As ISIS awaits one major assault in Mosul, Iraq, the self-declared caliphate has lost its control of a symbolic stronghold in north Syria.Dabiq, which lies a few miles from the Turkish border, is the site of a prophesied battle between Muslims and non-believers that is supposed to take place at the end of the world, and has featured often in Isis propaganda. State TV said Syrian troops blew up a tunnel near Aleppo’s famous Citadel, killing dozens of opposition fighters.The monitoring group’s head Rami Abdel Rahman said that the rebels seized control of nearby Sawran town. It said nine FSA soldiers were killed and 28 others wounded during clashes on Saturday.The importance of this village could be assessed by the fact that the ISIS calls its slick, well edited and designed mouthpiece magazine ‘Dabiq’.Turkey launched Operation Euphrates Shield in cooperation with the FSA on August 24 to clear its southern border of Daish terrorists and liberate northern Syrian towns from the terrorist group, while preventing PKK’s Syrian wing PYD / YPG to replace Daish in these areas.Operation Euphrates Shield, which began on August 24 backed by the Turkish Armed Forces, is aimed at bolstering border security, supporting coalition forces, and eliminating the threat posed by terror organizations, especially Daesh.Kerry was seeking a new path to peace after failing to secure a ceasefire in direct talks with Russia amid mounting global outrage over the Russian and Syrian bombardment of rebel-held eastern Aleppo.AFP’s correspondent in Aleppo said there had been almost non-stop air raids on the opposition-held half of the city since midnight. A related area, Amaq, is also mentioned, and these two areas serve as the names for Daesh’s media products and news agencies.Since a brief truce collapsed last month, Syrian government forces backed by Russian air strikes have intensified their bombardment of rebel-held areas in Aleppo.Kerry flew to London on Sunday to brief Washington’s European allies after “brainstorming” talks in Lausanne with the main players in Syria’s conflict.Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan salutes the crowd of supporters in his hometown of Rize, on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016.Kerry is expected to meet on Sunday with his counterparts from Britain and France, but hopes for a breakthrough have been dim.

How Real Madrid could line up against Legia Warsaw

“We can win if we do it right”, Legia coach Jacek Magiera said. But it’s now averaging 2.6 goals per game, compared to 1.6 last season, and it maintained the top spot in La Liga with a 7-1 win over Granada.”We had to play like we did, and from the start we had the intensity needed to win”. Let us know in the comments section below. I’m pleased the Polish champions can play in the Champions League and show what we can do.I’ve got good players, they’re intelligent.Marcos Asensio and Alvaro Morata could also both start as Zidane looks to keep their attack fresh, but one player who is unlikely to want to miss out on the chance to score more goals is Cristiano Ronaldo.”There are no small teams but we started strong and it is hard for the opponent when we start that way”.With more losses after eight matches than all of last season, Leicester is struggling to defend the Premier League title.This is the first time for Buquet to oversee a match for Real Madrid, which now leads Group F with four points, reports Efe on Sunday. The focus seems to be on Europe, with even Riyad Mahrez on the bench in Saturday’s loss to Chelsea.Varane has started nine of those 11 Madrid fixtures this season – scoring twice in his last three appearances – as well as all three of France’s World Cup qualifiers to date after missing last season’s Champions League final and the European Championship with a thigh injury.Athletic Club Bilbao came back after conceding a goal to David Zurutuza to defeat Real Sociedad 3-2 in a pulsating Basque derby.Buquet led his first Champions League match in 2014-15 between Malmo and Sparta Prague in round three of the group stage, followed by the match between Porto against Shakhtar Donetsk in the same edition. The only thing for us now is to think that it’s a long season and be focused on each game that we have.”We’ll keep going without worrying about what the other sides are doing”, Dybala said.CSKA are bottom of the group and need a win, while one suspects pool leaders Monaco would be happy to go home with a point.Sevilla visits Dinamo Zagreb, which has zero points and also failed to score in its opening two matches.